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Up and About

Just as I got home from picking Asher up and taking him shopping, I got a call from Anita. She was excited to tell me that Aria was up and about and had walked all the way from our room to the phone. While this would only have been about 15 metres, it is about the furtherest she has walked in a long time, especially outside of the comfort of our home. We are pretty excited by this, she sounded very happy and proud of herself when she talked to me on the phone.

This extra energy may be because of the transfusion she had today. Aria was very good during her red wiggle juice as we were calling it. Poppa did most of the looking after her, playing with some little presents that Poppa had brought in with him. Thanks Poppa.

Aria might be home tomorrow night, but her temperatures aren’t totally under control so we’ll see how things go. Just in case, Anita should be getting trained on how to prepare Aria’s IV antibiotics as I write this.

Please continue to pray for Aria, that the temperatures go away for good, and that her blood count stays up.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I pray this transfusion will work for her! I pray her temp. will stay down too!

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