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Yesterday’s post was written in hospital just before Hamish came in to swap for the night.  We talked and I told him I couldn’t possibly speak and I was going to cancel.  We decided I should drive home and should I feel it was the right thing to do when I parked the car in the garage then I would cancel.

Amazingly but 72nd my tears had dried up and my heart was changed and I felt renewed.  Totally unexplainable.  I couldn’t ignore.  I went home and wrote some notes (which I didn’t end up using anyway) and put some photos on a flash drive.  I went to bed grateful that once I was asleep evil could not change mind and upset me.  Unfortunately I was wrong.

Asher woke up at midnight crying.  Went in and he was covered with…….lets say chocolate frosting……  and then he puked.  Cleaned him up and changed his bed and slept from 1am-5.30am when he woke again.  It seemed to me such a strong force was working against me that it had now become a war and God was going to win.

I was really sad about the fact Christine couldn’t come.  She kindly stayed to look after the sick Asher, who is doing better, poor kid.

So I spoke along with 3 other amazing women.  I don’t know what to say.  God put words on my tongue like He never has before.  It was amazing.  I didn’t feel nervous and I didn’t feel particularly relieved when it was done either.  I just felt like His messenger, telling HIS story not my version.  There were lots of positive comments after and people were moved I think.

I was more moved by being introduced to so many people, all having prayed fervently for Aria.  One person (who reads this blog faithfully) greeted me with tears telling me she prayed for us in the middle of the night at times and loved us.  WOW!  How truly powerful to be told that.

This week I was encouraging a friend to do something hard in God’s power.  This week was a true test to see whether I could practice what I preached!  I didn’t want to and it seemed impossible but I did it!  I can’t even honestly say *I* did it, I wanted to give up, only God changed my heart.  Only God made it happen, I take no credit.  Please, all I can say is try try try GOD will do the rest and I can’t explain how, you will just have to see for yourself.  Just have faith that His promises are TRUE!

Unfortunately Aria is still dumping dumping dumping, likely picked up a fresh bug care of Asher.  Pretty much back to square one.  They haven’t stopped feeds but I am thinking they might tomorrow.  We are SO SO discouraged.  Ok God- if you want us in hospital we are your humble servants, show us the work you would have us do there.  But please, we just want to be home as a family.

14 Responses to “God”

  1. Linda Crosbie says:

    Well done Anita for sharing your journey and the knowledge you will have given to the congregation. I hope Aria stabilizes soon. Stomas and all that feeds into it are so unpredictable at times. Just know you are in the best place with the right team around you. Enjoy the time with Nana visiting. I hope Asher is better now. All the best. Linda xxxx

  2. Doc and Sharon says:

    Anita… your talk was so amazing, and so GOD! You were so open this morning and so humble, sharing your pain and your joys, and just such a servant of God. All who were there were truely touched, as there was not a dry eye in the place. I too was praying for you early this morning, not knowing what to pray for, but knowing that you needed prayer. Thank you so very much for sharing your heart, which is so huge, and I am so blessed by you. Love you girl! Praying, praying, praying for Aria, bless her heart!

  3. Joan Marshall says:

    Your life is like a roller coaster. I don’t know how you cope so I guess your faith must be really keeping you altogether. An amazing family you all are.

  4. Cousins Kathleen and Anita says:

    PRAISE GOD! All the glory goes to Him.

  5. Raylene says:

    Well done Anita. You are such a special person. Hope Asher is soon better and Arias dumping becomes more manageable. Continue to be strong.

  6. Bracefield family says:

    Amen Anita – God is faithful to those who trust in Him. I am sure your testimony was meant to be heard by all at that church.
    Praying for you all.
    In Christ

  7. Fran says:

    It was a very emotional morning and you were brill up there xxx I felt very honoured to be given an insight into all you wonderful ladies lifes. You would have so proud of your daughter in law
    Christine xxx sorry I missed you but a Nan has to do what a Nan has
    to do xxx

  8. Fran says:

    yikes missed out the been.. scatty me xx

  9. iliganoa says:

    Thank you Papa for healing Aria amen!

  10. Joyce says:

    Yes, your family is proof of God’s faithfulness in our lives. I prayed also that you would be able to do this for that church and someone there received the blessing I am sure.It was meant to be and as always you obeyed his calling. You have blessed me so much with your strength and Hamish and Asher. We know God is looking after sweet Aria and your stint in the hospital is a testimony to someone there.Praying for continued healing for Aria.

  11. Dawn says:

    The war/the battle have already being won!!

  12. Tiffany Keller says:

    I wish I could have been there to see you speak! Sounds like you had a wonderful response, and moved lots of people! God often times wants us to step out of our comfort zone, and it looks like you took that step. 🙂 I am so happy that God was there to help you! You never know, someone may come to Christ because of your story! So sorry to hear about Asher being sick, and Aria still dumping. I will continue to pray that they will both get better soon! God Bless!

  13. Davy Family says:

    Wonderful, amazing, lovely to hear…. encouraging as ever…. X

  14. toms shoes says:

    What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how about unpredicted feelingsGod – Aria MacDonald.

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