What a day - Aria MacDonald

What a day

Our whole family, including Nana left home at 10am and didn’t get home until after 6pm.  We didn’t really intend for that to happen but you know how busy a day can be.

Aria had clinic today and we dropping Nana and Ashie off at the Children’s Museum.  We were looking forward to seeing her labs and talking with the brains there.

Aria is still dumping.  But she looks good and her labs look good!  Weird but GOOD

The ‘big cheese’ of the transplant program is on this week and he ran thru her meds and asked lots questions about why she was on this and that.  He suggested a scope to check for rejection, today, right now.  And we are still waiting for cultures of her stool for virus and bacteria.  He didn’t really agree with my ABX theory from yesterday, which is fine, cause I am hardly going back my non medical opinion against the head of the transplant program!!!

Aria got a scope appointment within the hour (wow).  Unfortunately we had left Green Dolly at home (not thinking she would have a scope today) and she was pretty upset about it.  When we got to the scope room she completely lost the plot.  It was horrible.  Imagine having to calm and coax your child with five other healthcare professionals in the room ready and waiting.  Finally we decided to sent daddy off to get Green Dolly from the car, a bit risk given we knew she wasn’t there and I was losing my co-parent, fellow Aria calmer downer.  Aria liked that plan and started to calm.  AND I grabbed some paints we had brought and proceeded to finger paint a greenie (those green absorbent sheets they use in hospitals) with LOTS of talking about EVERYTHING I was painting.  A poor substitute for the DVD player/computer/toys we didn’t bring and wished we had if we had known.


In the end Aria was a happy chap and wanted to bring my bad painting home.  Those pink things are shapes!

Oh and the scope looked great.

In other news Aria lost her first tooth today!  Don’t know where it ended up, might come out of her stoma bag in a few days.  It had been wiggly for awhile.  This was taken at dinner, hence the grubby face.  Her fave food, guacamole, she went to town on it!


24 Responses to “What a day”

  1. Lauren says:

    My goodness, she is looking incredible!!!

  2. Jeannie Overall says:

    well looking at that snap of Aria missing her tooth is a joy! She does look a happy wee girl in spite of all her ordeals. Thanks for all the news and God bless you all heaps! – love, Jeannie

  3. Lisa Robertson says:

    Beautiful Anita – Aria really is looking so great!!! x

  4. Cath says:

    Wow she just looks SO WELL. Great colour, less fluid swelling, SO WELL. Awesome to see.

  5. Raylene says:

    Nice painting Anita!!!!

  6. Lisa D says:

    As with the comments above, Aria looks amazing! Wee Aria is looking so grown up!! Such a beautiful girl!

  7. fiona says:

    Great improvising Mum- and I agree she is looking great

  8. Jessica Gibson says:

    wow i haven’t seen her in a while and well WOW she looks so great!

  9. Linda Crosbie says:

    Happy birthday for yesterday Anita. Good to read that Aria is doing well mood wise but so wish her medical issues would stabilise. Best wishes to all. Xxxx

  10. Lou says:

    She looks like a mini you Anita…sooo beautiful 🙂

  11. Deborah says:

    Praise God for a good scope! Huge answer to prayer. Praying for answers soon for this dumping and for wisdom for the doctors and patience for all of you! i think the painting should be framed. or definitely put in the memory box =)

  12. Anne Wright says:

    Is it possible she is dumping bc of the swallowing of excess drool (related to get getting new teeth?!). Like a teething baby? More saliva swallowing might equal more fluid to the bowel ergo more dumping? I’m no doc just thinking what are sure to be silly thoughts!

  13. Cork and Carol says:

    I am amazed at your parenting creativity!! Wow! What troopers you ALL are! And what a day! Happy for the good news. Praying for the “mystery” to be solved soon. And loving that Aria smile! Hope you all got some much needed rest last night!

  14. Joyce says:

    What a day you all had. Must have been God walking hand and hand thru it with you. Glad the tests were ok for rejection. Just a big bump Aria will get thru with help from a great mom and dad.Good luck on finding the tooth. That is quite a milestone-losing the first tooth. Pics are so sweet. Praying on for answers.

  15. Samantha says:

    Wow, I cannot get over how well Aria is looking, it’s fantastic to see, Anita 🙂 She has beautiful colour, doesn’t look so swollen and looks so bright and chirpy 🙂 You are all real troopers and I just know God is at your side everday walking with all of you through this ordeal. Glad to hear the scope was clear 🙂 and praying that this whole ‘mystery’ gets sorted soon and that the dumping slows down. Well done, Aria, on losing your first tooth! My but you’re growing up so quickly now 🙂 Blessings xx

  16. Tiffany Keller says:

    Sounds like a busy day. Poor Aria, but I’m glad you were able to settle her down without her green dolly. Every child has their favorite toy. I think the doctors should have given you a little time, to get the things you needed. Aria looks great, Anita! She looks so healthy! Love Aria’s smile! 🙂

  17. Tiffany Keller says:

    God Bless!

  18. Bridgette says:

    Despite this constant, never seeming to end battle of dumping your girl looks AMAZING! Continuing to pray for answers and a happy happy girl! Your art work looks great too 🙂

  19. Cousins Kathleen & Anita says:

    Right there with you Anita and Hamish.

  20. Haley Wilkie says:

    Lovely photos, you all are amazing xxx

  21. nana rose says:

    What a joy to see the photos.My Aria looks so grown up.She no longer looks baby faced+ not so swollen in her face.Just gorgeous.You both did remarkably well with the green dolly situation.The fact that she lost it is understandable she has so much more to cope with than a child who doesnt have the same experiences.The professionals would be very understandingand realise your concerns.I remembered all day on our 26 to email the next day to you but being the 27 here it went right out my head.The special I wrote with your card never came thru,was gutted.

  22. Rod & Margaret says:

    Lovely photoof Aria Anita she looks SO good!

  23. Samantha Sutherland says:

    Well done mum! Aria looks so beautiful in the photos, she is growing up and I can’t believe she lost her first tooth already!

  24. iliganoa says:

    such cute pictures, halleluia, thanks alot

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