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Aria got her line today!!!

We are very proud to announce the arrival of Aria’s new line today.

After a couple of days of umming and ahhing over if and when it would be done, and after some good chasing up by our On Call Consultant we got into surgery about lunch time today. It took about an hour from ‘go to sleep’ time to ‘wakey wakey’ time.

As usual she was very dozy and a little grumpy after the surgery but after some good sleeps with dad, she was up and at it again. It is really interesting how much better mood she was in post surgery, I am not sure what it was (perhaps it felt like things were back to normal having a line back in) but she was in awesome spirits and back to her old self.

This also means TPN can start again and home time is fast approaching. We have a couple of procedures to help boost Aria’s system tomorrow and then, all going well, we expect to be home tomorrow night. YAY!!! So please pray that there would be no complications such as temperatures in the mean time and that we will be able to come home and have a nice looooooooooong period out of hospital. (Hopefully the next time we go to a hospital will be for the arrival of #2 in December).

This has been a new experience for us dealing with replacing a line, so thanks for all the prayers for our strength and for Aria’s health while we have been in, we know that it makes a huge difference to us.

One more sleep.

Sometime tomorrow Aria is going to be the proud owner of a brand new line. She didn’t get the call today so it will be done tomorrow.

¬†Her new leur in her hand stayed intact today so that is a relief and a cause for thanksgiving. By this time tomorrow she won’t need it and she will have her hands and feet all to herself, she will enjoy that freedom.

 Thanks again for your concern.

I HEART Central Lines

Yes I am thinking of getting a t shirt made! The joke last admission with Nurse C and Dr E was getting a t shirt for Hamish saying ‘TPN Guru’. Aria’s t shirt says ‘Warning No Ganglion Cells included’ and mine must be ‘I Heart Central Lines’ with a picture of a heart.

This by far has been the most difficult admission excluding the very first one. There are few things worst than your baby having needles put in her veins repeatedly, it is really sore and she cries a lot. It must be the worst job in the world for those poor doctors who have to try to find a vein in a screaming baby’s foot/arm/leg.

Aria’s lost her leur tonight that was sitting in her foot and she had to get another in her hand. :(

There have been noises about her getting a new central line tomorrow and we are praying madly that that happens. But it will happen Thursday at any rate.

Aria’s kept her first central line for so long that this is the first experience we have had at losing it and getting a new one. We could have been thru this 3-4 times!!! Thank God we haven’t. I mean that in the sincere way — we are very thankful.

Countdown to Central Line

We are still waiting for Aria to get a new central line.

The best news so far this stay is that the temporary line that Aria has, which is of a type notorious for giving up the ghost after 24 hours or so, is still going strong. This means that Aria doesn’t have to go through the trauma of getting a new one put in. In other exciting news Aria is back on the TPN (what she is fed) tonight, this is exciting as she will feel better and will maintain her nice healthy weight.

We are waiting for a surgical consultant to come see us about scheduling the new line, at this point it might be as far away as Thursday so pray that her temporary line will hold up till then!!

One of the neat things Aria has taken to doing this stay is ask for Mama and Dada when she wakes up and one of us isn’t there. Its very cute and its great to know that she likes to have us around.

Thanks for checking in on us.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11