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Bugs bugs go away!

Just when we thought we had seen the end of this nasty virus Asher woke up this morning will still more D & V !!!  He had been fine for almost three days so we feel for the little guy.  He seems to handle it pretty well although he was a bit of a cuddle monster today and would cry if I left the room.

Aria still remains fine, no sign of anything which just amazes me because we have all got the bug, all 6 of us who were living in the house.  We are so thankful!!


We are all recovering from rotavirus which spread thru our house.  Everyone got sick except for Aria, hopefully now that everyone is on the up and up the virus is gone and has missed her.

Hamish, Asher and  Alexandra got it the worst.  Both Alex and Hamish have had time off work and all three have lost weight, which is unfortunate cause they are the 3 members of the family who could least afford too.  Aria and I seem to have the more ’rounded’ genes of the family 🙂

Looking on the bright side, apart from the piles of washing (but not many dishes cause no one is eating) and cleaning, Aria and I have been able to go to the swings when Asher and Hamish have been sleeping.  We are a couple of mins walk from two parks and I have been keen to get Aria out of the house.


The dreaded D&V virus is spreading thru our house like wildfire.  It started with Asher on Sunday, briefly touched me and now has settled with Hamish and Aunty.  We also have two family members staying with us and I am praying it doesn’t get them.  Also praying hard it doesn’t get Aria.  That would be a disaster.  Last time she got a tummy bug it ended in line removal!  Not good

In case you are wondering what D&V is- think ‘what goes in must come out’ top and bottom.

UPDATE:  Everyone in the house is sick but Aria.  Oh dear oh dear AND I forgot to add before that it is our wedding anniversary today!  There were dinner plans but those are out the window.  I said to Hamish as I was cleaning up various messes and spills that it was hugely different to what I was doing 8 years ago today!!! 🙂

A Chicken Pox Party

I honestly can’t believe I am typing this!!  We are trying to get Aria sick!!  I know, madness!!!   Aria’s cousin Venesio has a nasty case of chicken pox, poor little guy, so he came over to spread some cheer and germs.

So we are hoping in 10 days time Aria is nice and spotty.  We are needing to get her exposed before transplant.  Because, post transplant Aria will have a supressed immune system and the disease could be be trouble for her if she doesn’t have her own immunity to it.

It is going to be a rough ride cause I assume Asher will get it too.  And it might end up with a hospital admission……mmmmmm lets hope it is sorted by Christmas.

Also today we got to meet the NZ organiser of the amazing organisation that raised $28,000 for Aria.  Unfortunately Aria behaved rather like a typical two year old which was embarassing and wouldn’t pose for a photo.  But still I hope we communicated how much we truly appreciated their hard work.

We’re ok!!

We are ok!  Aria is ok!  Well I guess nothing has changed which isn’t what we would of hoped for.  She is still waking up early and still coughing.  It is hard work getting up so early but Hamish reckons he doesn’t mind.   I really do still think something is up but just not sure what.

In the mean time we have been having a grand old time.  We had a family dinner last thursday.  Aria loves loves loves her cousins.  They are rowdy, clever boys who makes her laugh and laugh with their antics.  It is quite cool.  We also celebrated Venesio’s 2nd birthday at McDonalds and Aria was so funny demanded to know where her happy meal was when the other kids ones turned up before hers.  AND on the same day Rebecca and Matt took Aria to the Zoo and she had heaps of fun.

We also had my 2nd cousins and great uncle staying for 3 nights.  We enjoyed their company very much and learnt a lot from them.  They are missionaries in Columbia and have an amazing vibrant faith and I feel renewed just talking with them.

And on a cautionary note, our tire blew out on the way to church on Sunday.   We had a flat awhile ago and didn’t have time to take it to Drury Tires.  We took it to some cowboys who really should of advised us to change the tire at the time.  Anyway months later it blows out, thankfully we weren’t going at speed.  Long story short, we took it to Drury Tires (like we should of done first time) and replaced it AND picked up about $1000 of donations 😀

Anyway please keep praying for Aria and a sleep in for Hamish.

UPDATE Yay!  Aria slept into 7am this morning, finally for the first time in weeks!  Yay!!

Treading water

Sigh, it is nervous times in the MacDonald house right now.  Hamish and I feel things aren’t 100% with Aria and we are just waiting.  Or are we just being paraniod??? 

Aria is waking up early (5am) and coughing.  This Staph she had is sticky and can lurk around.  We know if it is still around, Aria will get sick and the line will go.  Which means an awful hospital admission for her and us.  But there is nothing we can do and there is nothing else wrong with her that we could pin it too.  So we just wait and see what happens, living with what feels like a big cloud over our heads.  Back ground stress I think they call it.

I watched THIS on TV on Monday.  BIG mistake.  For some reason I had forgotten or repressed the idea that people do die from line infections.  Argh!  Makes me realise how precious and uncertain Aria’s life is!  Both of us have moments were the reality of what we are living with hits us and it is hard to deal with.  But we try hard to remember it is our pain and Aria’s pain will be over should the very worst happen. 

Sorry getting a bit serious today!

UPDATE Sorry to our email subscribers, we have had some spam issues so you haven’t been updated via email.  All fixed now! Thank you Dan!

Aria and the US Elections

I was changing Aria’s Wiggle dressing today.  It isn’t a fun job but we promised her she could water the plants with Aunty just as soon as it was done.  So she sat on the bed clutching her watering can and patiently waited for me to set things up.  In the mean time she decided to put a saline vile in the watering can and shake it to make a noise

Daddy: Aria- what’s in your watering can?  Is it a saline?

Aria: No

Mummy: Aria- is Ashie is your watering can?

Aria: NO (laughing)

Daddy: Aria- is there an elephant in your watering can?

Aria: Nup

Aunty: Aria – is John McCain in your watering can?

Aria: Yeah!

Too funny Aria! 😀

You know the drill

You know the drill by now, the blog goes strangely silent after we get home from hospital.  Rest, recovery and reflection is in order.  But HERE is some Aria and Asher cuteness in the mean time.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11