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Sunday morning update

Nothing much has changed overnight.  Currently Aria is 37.2 which is a great temp.  Although it is hard to get excited because this mystery illness cause her to go from 36.8 to 40.8 and back again with a 24 hour period.

Her blood sugar is doing crazy things and we are nervous.  It is going from 32 to 2.5 within hours.  32 is a very very high number and 2.5 is about a low as you would want to go.   There is no explanation for that either 😕

Hamish and I are hoping to get out together this arvo.  Fingers crossed because we are fairly desperate to get out.  Hamish has had nothing but hospital and work for a week now.  That is very challenging mentally and he is tired.

Somebody say it will all be okay….

Hamish here, I can’t remember my login for wordpress.

 Day seven of 40+ fevers continue and no answers still.

 We are pretty drained at the moment not knowing what is going on. The Dr’s from various departments are consulted and theories are tested to no avail. We’d love one of them to tell us not to worry and that it will be sorted out soon and to relax…. but they don’t. I guess they have seen too much.

The latest development is Aria’s blood sugar be really high because her poor little kidneys can’t cope with the stress of the temperatures/mystery infection and can’t process the glucose in her blood. This means more tests, more medication and more stress for Anita and I.

 Aria’s got a bit more colour today after her transfusion but is not really any happier. She continues to be amazingly brave, facing each new test and observation with remarkable strength of character. She really does amaze me at times.

 Please continue to pray for answers, Anita was just saying that the only person who really knows what is going on is God, and while he is the one best able to sort it out for Aria, we sure would like it if he let us in on the secret.

Thanks for coming by, and thanks for your comments, they are really heartwarming and encouraging.

Aria is still sick

Hello friends and supporters

First up thanks for your kind comments and text messages of support, they mean so much.

Day 6 and Aria is still really sick.  She had a blood transfusion today and we hope this might perk her up a bit.  It is so hard, breaks our hearts to see her sick for so long.  This is a first for us 😥

There is no explanation, lots of tests have been done and still no answers.  High fevers, up to 40.8 degrees and not much else.  She has endured so much this week, she is so brave and she is an amazing little girl.

Anyway we are in a bit of a daze.  This is so hard.  We are so confused and our emotions are all over the place.  We are so amazed at the kindness of strangers and our friends and then puzzled at how some people can be so insensitive to our situation. 

Special thank you this week to Poppa and Rebecca who have worked hard at keep us sane.

Please please please pray for Aria.  We are desperate. 

Not good news

Aria isn’t better 😥

In fact she is probably worst than yesterday.  Her temp is still 40 degrees, the fourth night in a row. 

Honestly I just don’t know what to think.   Ok so it isn’t a line infection or a virus and the ABX don’t seem to be working.  At this rate I think we will never get home.  We were so excited yesterday when she got to 37.1

Anyway please pray for us and Aria, poor girl is just so so miserable.


A bit better hopefully maybe

Today wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday.  As least Aria was sitting up and kind of playing a bit.  Her temp is still up but this afternoon took a much welcomed dip to 37.1 😀

It isn’t a line infection and it is looking like a virus or some chest infection kind of a thing.

We had lots of visitors today which was nice.  Josie from daycare came to see us and brought a lovely poster which Aria’s little buddies from daycare made for her.  And some crayons and a colouring in book which helped entertain Missy who was a bit grumpy most of the day.  Nana and Poppa and Aunty came in in the arvo which I was grateful for too.

I am really hoping tonight brings lower temps and a happy Aria in the morning. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are grateful

Poor Aria

These are two words that pretty much sum up today.  Poor Aria.  She was hot and flat all day and it is really sad to see.  She perked up briefly when me and Ashie arrived this morning but that was it.

 Her blood culture is still clear which would seem to point to a clear line.  But she has had really high temps two days running and it is a bit strange.  I just wish it would break soon 🙁

It is so hard watching her in such misery, and nothing we can do.  Can’t even give her panadol to cool her down.  This disease really really stinks.

Hamish went to work today and thankfully Poppa came in to give me a hand with the grandkids.  I am so blessed to have such great support.  Asher is 8 months old and I still haven’t had to do a full day in hospital with both kids.  How awesome is that!

Thanks for your support, we love reading the comments, thanks for checking in on us.

Aria is in hospital


Sad.  Last night Aria’s temp got up to 40 degrees overnight.  That is pretty bad.  She had been having little temps for a couple of days.  But 40 is way to high so we took her in first thing this morning.

As it turns out she has bronchitis and we are still waiting to rule out a line infection.  She is ok in herself.  Pretty hot and tired but not as sick as we have seen her previously at 40 degrees.

Hopefully we will be home tomorrow but I am not holding my breath.  Please pray for us and Miss Aria for a quick recovery.

HUGE Fundraising News

Australasian Drilling had their annual conference this weekend in Auckland.  On Saturday night they had a charity dinner and auction to raise money for KIDS Foundation who kindly nominated Aria to receive the proceeds raised on the night.

So I got a call from the GM of KIDS yesterday on Hamish’s birthday while some of our friends and family were over to say the evening raised….

$28,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀 😯 😀 😯 😀 😯 😀 😯 😀

We were so happy and stunned and emotional.  Just couldn’t believe how amazing and kind these people were to us and Aria.  I could post all week and not fully express how amazing this is.  These people don’t know us personally but choose to fully get behind us and raise such a huge sum.  WOW

Thank you so much, we are so honoured!!!

It came and went.

Our big three month anniversary of Aria being out of hospital that is!

You see-  I am changing 😛 😀

Yesterday we had a great day at Waiheke with Rebecca’s parents.  Aria had such a great time and the experience was very positive.  She went on a boat and in the car and walked along the beach.  She said lots of new words ‘pretty’ ‘Becca’ ‘beach’ and had a great time laughing at Chippy the cat playing around.

Yes so we had a great day.  Ashie isn’t in such a good way today 🙁 He had a temp of 39.4 when we got home yesterday 😯

Speaking of Daddy, it is his birthday today.  Happy Birthday Hamish, we love you.

I am obsessed

 I am obsessed with this darn ticker !! 🙄

It sits on my google home page so I see it everyday and I keep watching for it to read 3 months!

It is crazy the amount of time I spend thinking about the fact Aria isn’t in hospital and wondering when we will be there next?  It has been such a regular part of our lives for so long it is strange not being there.  I know, I am mad, crazy and all those other words. 

I need not worry cause we are back on Tuesday for the long day stay appointment.  Aria’s TPN doesn’t contain Iron so she needs an infusion which takes 8 hours +.   I think I was overdue with Asher when the last one was planned but for some reason her bloods came back good and I dodged the bullet. 

This time, amazing, Hamish has annual leave planned on the week Dr E wanted it done.  Can you imagine Aria hooked up to a pump in a room all day and me trying to manage Asher as well.  No thanks!!!  So the MacDonalds are off to daystay on Tuesday.  They are lovely there, I got a yummy lunch last time I was there and they took great care of me and the kids.  Anyone who has eaten Auckland/Starship Hospital food will know the food is far from yummy so I was pretty happy to get such a nice lunch. 😀

Anyway so from today on, it is time to start enjoying Aria’s good health and stop thinking about hospital! 😆

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11